Tuesday, March 1, 2016

At the studio working on the record.

Not my studio, and not my record.  This is at a client's studio while I work on composing and editing sampled drums for his solo project.  Total midi hell.  Meanwhile at my studio presently I'm mostly busy on yet another client's record, doing pretty much the same thing.  This should go on a few more days, then I'll have time to return back to working on my own stuff while we wait for players from LA to show up for overdub sessions on my other client's album.  Hopefully by then we will finally have the B3 and 2 leslies moved into the Yosemite Plaza studio.  By then also the '56 Fender Combo 4x10 guitar amp should be back from the shop which will look good sitting next to my '56 Magnatone Custom 260 2x12.  The second photo is of my latest acquisition; a 1984 Sequential Circuits Six-Trak analog synthesizer, mint condition - sounds great.

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