About Alex

If ever there was a story of a comeback, this is one.  The fact I am here typing this is a miracle, much less after having completed this project.  In early 2004 I suffered some serious problems after a leg surgery that nearly took me out of the game a few times, and which resulted in over a dozen surgeries in efforts to save both my life and my leg over the course of the next 18 months.  Thankfully both were spared, and after a long healing process I am once again on my feet, playing tennis, and doing most normal things well, all things considered.  Some of these songs were completed during that time as I healed.  A few times almost all of these recordings were nearly destroyed, as hard drive crashes and other snafus crept up during those years and following.  At one point near the end another drive crashed eliminating all the multitrack masters, leaving me with just the finished mixes, forcing me to deal with whatever versions I had completed at that time.  With bandaids, duct tape, glue, rubber bands and toothpicks, I was somehow able to salvage what mixes I had left of all this work and assemble them for the production of this debut record now released.  It is my hope that this will clear my mind well enough to begin to produce new material again.  Stay tuned.

I'm a native of San Francisco, where I began classical private piano instruction starting around age 5 (after mom found me fingering "Hey Jude" on piano along to the record at age 3), although later my influences were clearly those of Elton John, Michael McDonald, Donald Fagen and others.  In early highschool I played in a ska band and did some recording with classmates, and in college continued to be in bands, including Under Influence with Brian Jordan. In 1984 I was just about the only kid on the block with synthesizers and a computer MIDI system, complete with sampling and multitrack recording, and it only got worse in college, where my rig took over my entire room relegating me to a small cot in the corner.  I did some pro 2-inch recording of some songs I wrote at Santa Barbara Sound [now SoundDesign] while at school there, and ultimately moved to LA to go to music school and seek musical fame and fortune.  I befriended Jay Baumgardner right off the bat as one of the first people I met, and to this day he remains one of my closest friends and is usually the only reason I have ever visited LA.

I've been producing records independently for well over 20 years, and have composed for national TV and film ad clients.  My songs have been placed in several full length feature films, including one film Abby Singer which I scored entirely.  In addition to a number of other independent albums, I produced the debut Insecto record with Web Fingors, one of the best albums no one has probably ever heard, with Jay Baumgardner doing the final mixing over 2 weeks on his brand new SSL 9000J console at the world-class studio he owns in North Hollywood called NRG, where portions of this CD were also recorded.

The songs I am releasing now have been collecting on the shelf over the course of 20 years, and its about time I got them published.  More to come.  Considering the obstacles I've encountered in my life so far, to see this come to fruition finally is quite amazing.

I wrote sung and performed each song on the CD, in addition to engineering mixing and mastering.  Guest solo performers including the late Erik Torjesen [former lead guitar of Starship with Mickey Thomas], Freddy Clarke, Joel Taylor and others appear as noted in the CD liner notes.  Basically I'm a one-man band in the studio, with a little extra help.  Currently the only way to hear these songs is to buy the CD or purchase the digital download, as I don't have a live band currently rehearsed to play these songs on tour.  Working on it; stay tuned.

I currently reside in San Francisco, and work in theater and live sound, as well as continue to offer custom creative music and sound services to the producing industry.  Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you might have.