The Blog and Talk Radio Show

Disclaimer: do NOT shoot the messenger.  I post on controversial topics and are more than likely to upset you the reader, with either the subject matter or the findings and conclusion.  Rarely are these my own original conclusions; most often they are those of other researchers which are backed sufficiently by verifiable evidence and I choose to provide links.  Guaranteed at some point you will be pissed off; so again, don't shoot the messenger.

That being said: is the blog I started back in 2009, in its third iteration after being attacked and taken down twice.

The talk radio show The Story Behind The Story was begun over 20 years ago by my friend Dr. A. True Ott PhD also and after meeting him in 2009 have remained friends enough that I have regularly participated with the show.  Last few years I have been "co-host" of the show taking the helm when True has been unavailable to do the show.  Most of the show archives I have posted to my YouTube channel, meanwhile any listener can gain access to all previous shows (on the most recent network Revolution Radio) by subscribing to the archives at  Listen live to the show Fridays 7-9pm PST in studio B.