Custom composition for-hire

I offer custom composition and sound design services for the TV, film, and radio advertising industries, as well as film scoring.

My lock-to-picture state-of-the-art systems provide a means with which I can create custom-scored music and sound events timed exactly to your picture.

Simply provide a QuickTime movie file of your picture, with temp or production audio, and I'll acquire it into my digital scoring system where I can set tempo and begin creating your custom musical score to help create that emotion you're looking for.

My many years of scoring experience means I can compose in just about any style you can think of, and produce a track worthy of a top notch project.

I use a combination of resources, including in-the-box synth and sample-based sketching, as well as live tracking of specialized singers and instrumentalists.

My fees are reasonable and my turnaround is quick.

Next time you're putting a picture project together that needs custom scoring, let me demo out some sketches for you.

Email me with any questions.

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