Sunday, January 25, 2015

Photos from band practice

Taken just before tonites band practice. Sorry, not going to show any pics of players just yet as things remain tentative in this area.  Drummer has access to a gorgeous studio where for now we can rehearse during studio down-time. Full PA, mint Gretch drumkit, Marshall 4x12 guitar cabs with multiple heads plus vintage Fender twin, bass 4x10cab with a couple badass heads, and oh yes a full grand piano that's well tuned. Im gonna stick a rackmount Kurzweil K2000R in a corner by the piano and will be programming up patches to fit the intial set song order, to mimic what ill be programming inbetween rehearsals at the home studio on the JV-2080. Next project is to pull a G5 out of storage and put Native Komplete on it and park it in the same rack with the K2000R. By the time we are ready to play our first gig, I'll have a road package that'll have keyboard guys drooling; plus a rhythm guitar rig utilizing my mint vintage '56 Magnatone 2x12 with talkbox, vocal harmonizers, the works.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Easy Does It

As we are no longer in our teens, life burdens us and its a challenge to arrange even the simplest meeting.  But we are on it, and committed, to whatever this may become.  Sometime soon we will christen this idea with a first rehearsal.  In other news, a notable guitar hero about town has succumbed to blackmail and agreed to occasionally cameo on solo guitar.   Happy new year.