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At long last, after over two decades of writing and recording songs, I have finally released my first collection of my own songs, a debut CD entitled "One". 

A labor of love, each song is written, sung, performed, engineered and mixed entirely by yours truly, with the exception of the occasional guest solo performer as noted in the liner notes.  The styles include hard rock, blues rock, ska, techno dance, country rock, country ballad, acoustic folk, and various blends of these styles and others.

There are some names that in my haste to get the artwork done didn't make it to the cd liner notes.  Those names will be listed here as I think of them.  Being on this list doesnt imply any level of greater or lesser thanks, it just means I forgot to include them on the art that went to press; had I remembered in time these names would be on the cd jacket art along with all the rest.

In memory of the late Mark "Papa" Guardardo RIP Never Forgotten
RIP the late Harry "Houdini" Pappas (passed 18 Jan 2014)
RIP the late Chet Helms
Wayne and Ron at California Choppers
Rudi at 415 Clothing
Big Red Machine Frisco
Michael Mendelson
Greg Chansky
Joe Lerer
Herbie Herbert
Web Fingors
William Winter
Richard Riegert
Bradley Mansfield
Dr. Bill Deagle MD
Dr. Ed Bringhurst MD
Dr. Ed Spencer MD
Michael Belkin
George Edward
Dr. Arthur Evangelista PhD
Bobby Powell
Eddie Powell
Newt, Beaver, and Insecto
Tom Tierney
André Wasserman
Dr. Monica Henschke MD
Thomas Morgan Dolby Robertson
Don Johnson
George Daly
Monica Fioretti
Taylor Nagle
Mike Demenno
Ira Leslie
Jonathan Elias
Doris and Gene Christian